Skin Care



 NATURAl DEEP CLEANSING FACIAL is a traditional-blended facial tailored  exactly for your skin’s individual needs. It includes deep pore cleansing with steam and hot towel application, a toning massage of the face, neck and shoulders, a nourishing masque selected for your skin type, and an application of a specialized hydration serum.




A revitalizing and detoxifying  facial that restores your skin’s natural radiance. Great for all skin types. Crystal energized water and organic cleanser is used. Followed by organic exfoliants  to remove dead skin cells. Dead Sea mud mask is then applied  to the face further detoxifying your skin by opening the pores drawing out toxins. Next, a calming moisturizer and 15 min of lymphatic massage is done.




CARIBBEAN ACNE CLEANSING FACIAL is a holistic approach to treating acne-prone skin.  This therapy treats and cleanses existing blemishes, includes pore extractions, and with frequent treatments helps keep acne under control.



EXPRESS FACIAL is a wonderful mini escape that offers a perfect mix of cleansing, masque, toning and moisturizing treatments for people on the go.

30 min/45


BACK TREATMENT is a deep back cleansing , followed by an exfoliation treatment, pore extractions, and a relaxing, hydrating  massage for your always deserving,often neglected back.



***All NEW *** Tropical smoothie

 The 30 or 50-minute procedure begins with a fruity splash of organic cleanse and anti-bacterial wash of the bikini area, followed by a light exfoliant that gets rid of skin cells that trap hairs.
Next, comes extraction. In the sameway that a facial extracts from the pores on your face, a tropical smoothie extracts in grown hairs with a pair of fine tweezers. Finally, a moisturizer is picked out for your skin condition (normal, acneic, anti-aging, skin brightner) 30min/$65 ~50min/$90