Body Wraps & Scrubs

 Body wraps and scrub treatments will refresh and rejuvenate your body. Deep-layered  impurities & toxins from sources like  today’s environmental pollutions are buried in deep skin layers that prevent the skin from reaching vital nutrients.

Our body wraps serve as a cocoon to help you shed toxins and skin damage accumulated over time.

Let us wrap you, shed that unwanted skin. Emerge as a renewed beautiful butterfly! Choose from our finest purifying-body options to replenish your skin.



 Body wraps & Scrubs

Caribbean Heat Body Wrap 

Get your visa to ultimate relaxation. This warm soothing, tropical wrap is rich in copper, magnesium and zinc. Nature’s richest fruits are mixed with our clay mixture . This will relax and soothe every inch of your skin. As healing minerals seep in, warm heat encourages aches, pain and stress to flow away from your body.



Island Seaweed Wrap

Allow your skin to hydrate and replenish with natural elements descoverd in seaweed. Start with a light scrub, followed by a full body application of a compound, rich in seaweed extract, and then wrapped in warm blankets. The final touch will be a wonderful application of our moisturizing lotion to maintain hydration.



 Tropical Body Contouring Wrap & Steam

This body wrap can be an important part of an overall weight loss or skin toning process, helping you reshape your body in a safe and healthy way.During your body wrap… from neck to ankles you are wrapped in warm cotton strips soaked in our detox solution,followed by our detoxing steam treatment. You are then covered with a blanket, you rest comfortably for 45 peaceful minutes while the solution penetrates and aromatherapy steam relaxes and detoxes .

50min~120(partial wrap)
70min~ 170 ( whole body wrap)


Body Scrubs


Coconut Body Scrub :$65
Full body exfoliation with natural brown sugar, organic coconut  moisturiser  leaves skin feeling silky smooth. (45min.)


Sea Toning Necessity Scrub :$70 
A Cocktail of seaweed, marine salt crystals exfoliates and remineralizes your skin, leaving it oxygenated. (45 min.)


Exotic Coffee Scrub :$85

This treatment is designed to vigorously exfoliate and tone your body. Our coffee scrub helps decrease formulation of cellulite, increases circulation and relaxes tight muscles. Finely a moisturiser is picked for your skin type replenishing hydration . (45 min.)

**You may wrap as often as once or twice a week, or on a biweekly or monthly basis. To achieve the best results from your body wrap we recommened having a body wrap twice per week.